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Blag Dahlia - Ralph Champagne LP

Blag Dahlia - Ralph Champagne LP

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Blag Dahlia is a punk rock legend, founder of the Dwarves and the Greedy Media empire. Ralph Champagne, Blag's retro Americana doppelganger; old school crooner, ad lib slinger and master of dirty rhymes, has now arrived with a debut record guaranteed to set eardrums ablaze. During the plague year of 2020 songwriter Dahlia and vocalist Champagne joined forces with pop producer Andy Carpenter and a cast of good-looking session players to create the "Introducing Ralph Champagne" LP. Running the gamut of styles from outlaw country and trucker ballads to sugary euro-pop duets, yacht rockabilly, novelty songs, and Country Trap Remixes, the record stays fresh with repeated listening. While the Dwarves uncompromising vision of gut level rock & roll, dazzling production and filthy lyrics have created a unique legacy spanning over four decades, Ralph Champagne is the new icon on the block, trading in Dahlia's trademark punk growl for the sultry stylings of a soul stained lounge libertine.


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